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Money-Saving Services

Keep your business in business with routine maintenance and testing from Alternative Power Solutions, Inc. From engine tune-ups to megger testing, we provide a wide range of services for businesses in Central Florida. Competitive rates on all our professional services but beyond that our proactive approach that has resulted in a less than 1.5 % failure rate during the past 14 years is a true mark of money savings in repairs not having to be done during emergencies, down time of business operations during an outage or additional labor of your facilities personnel.

Our Specialties

• NFPA 110 compliant EPSS PMI
• Fuel Tank Inspections—Per FDERM 62-762
• Fuel Polishing—Filtering & Treating up to 2,500 Gallons with Portable Fuel Filtering Unit, Removing Water & Algae
• Fuel Sampling—ASTM Testing Compliant with New NFPA & AHCA on-Site Fuel Storage Tank Requirements
• Remote Monitoring—Various Levels of Monitoring Available Based on Your Individual Needs
• Consulting—for New Projects, Existing Maintenance, or Repair Issues

On-Site Load Bank Testing
We clean wet stacking and confirm the ability of the equipment to properly carry rated KW. NFPA requirements are every 36 months (four-hour load bank) or two hours every year based on the load that the system being tested is tested on a monthly bases.

Diesel Engine Tune-Up
Our team prevents major engine failure and increases efficiency by adjusting improperly set injectors or loose screws. Tune-ups should be performed every 200 hours or three years.

Cooling System Major Service
Proper maintenance ensures your system will not fail due to clogged radiator cores or component failure. Maintenance includes a complete system flush, replacement of all hoses and belts, and new coolant mixed at a 50% with a .9 pH balance.

Diesel Fuel Services
Proper fuel parameters are a must for todays diesel engines but its stability is also detrimental to older unit due to contamination that tends to come up in the form of algae and water. To combat this we offer a full fuel system testing program that is customizable per your needs as well as on site fuel system filtering and polishing that will remove water and other contaminants ensuring fuel that is ready to supply your onsite emergncy power generator set when needed. 

Megger Testing
Our experts test the values of insulation for all windings in the generator end and look for any potential problems before they become catastrophic. In our tropical climate, this should be performed annually.

PMI Programs
Our programs meet or exceed all OEM, AHCA, and Joint Commissions requirements. We offer programs for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual inspections for all brands of generators and switchgear (either as a system or independently). Our PMI programs can be customized to any specific requirements that a customer has.

Paperless Reports

All of our reports are gathered and submitted paperless in format then delivered to your mailbox or as many mailboxes as you desire in a PDF format for you to create a paperless machine file system. By making this commitment to go paperless APS has dropped its monthly printing from 3400-4000 pages a month to 400-600 pages a month.

Contact us at (321) 594-4265 in Winter Park, Florida, for megger testing and prevent a catastrophic equipment failure.

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